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22 January 2006 @ 06:03 pm
How to RP!  
This section's for first time RP-ers. Chances are, if you're reading this, then you're one.


-Private entries by characters are made like this (sans spaces): < lj-cut text="Private" > God, how I hate Cid. What a jackass. He scratches his butt in public! < /lj-cut > Yes, the players can read the private entries, just to know what's going on in the game, but the characters shouldn't act like they know, unless the private-entry-maker tells the other character (or if the other character is a hacker).

-"Screened to __________" entries are made the same way as private entries, but like this (again, without spaces): < lj-cut text="Screened to Quistis" > Quistis, please don't tell anyone, but... I'm madly in love with Irvine. I can't help it, Instructor! But, he's so... hot. And I only pretend to hate him because I'd never hear the end of it if everyone knew I was gay. < /lj-cut > The other characters who are not authorized to that entry shouldn't act like they know, unless, of course, they're hackers ("Ha, ha, chicken-wuss. You like Irvine!").

-OOC as you know, means out of character, but OOC in roleplaying means you're acting as you are in real life, rather than the person you're playing. OOC comments in your character journals should be made like this: (OOC: The opinions of Selphie Tilmitt do not generally reflect those of the player; Psycho Le Cemu does not suck.) No, you're not limited to parentheses, you can also use brackets like this: [] or this: {}. Or, you can use double-parentheses: (())

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