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05 February 2006 @ 10:39 pm

Characters: Seifer and Squall
Setting: Training Centre, Balamb Garden
Summary: Seifer and Squall spar.

OH NOES SEIFY: There was a crack of a twig under a heavy boot, and the tip of Hyperion found itself embedded in the soil. Seifer's weight was placed on the hand that was on the handle, as he kept an eye on the training center doors for Squall. He was already not happy about not finding the younger one here when he showed up, and having to wait for Commander My-Pants-Are-Too-Tight was not something he wanted to be stuck doing. Alas, he was here against his better interests, having wanted a spar just that badly! Squall better realise just what he was doing for him, the icy bastard! He kept an eye out for T-Rexaurs and Grats, hand kept tight on the handle of Hyperion if something big and ugly that wasn't Squall decided to get too close.

OH NOES SQUALLY: As Squall walked through the doors of the training center, he came to a complete stop. He watched Seifer's annoyed glance for a second before letting off a small sigh and walking up to the older fighter. He had expected him to be here, but he was silently hoping that he hadn't kept him that long. Last thing he needed was to fight an irate Seifer. Now almost face to face with the other, he apologized as sincerely as he possibly could before unsheathing Lion Heart. Though their fights were usually fair, it still didn't hurt to be prepared. There would be no small talk today. Squall was in dire need of letting off some steam and he hoped Seifer understood. Getting in his fighting stance he waited for the other boy to prepare.

OH NOES SEIFY: Annoyed was right. If Squall was needing to let off steam, then why should Seifer be the one in a good mood? He could do to let off some steam himself. There wasn't a need for apologies, he'd say everything he needed to say in their fight, right? He lifted Hyperion and shook off the dirt stepping back some to adopt his own fighting stance, smirking confidently as always. Heavy leather boots planted themselves firmly in the soft soil, white coat sweeping around his legs dramatically. Did he still have that whole Knight complex, or was he just a dramatic kind o' guy? Probably both? Who knew. He made a 'come hither' motion, much like the one he made before when he'd slashed Squall in the face. Time to get this party started, and what a party it would be!

OH NOES SQUALLY: Acknowledging the small motion, Squall quickly weighed his options first. There would be no magic, that was a given. Searching for a possible opening was his second option. He furrowed his brows and started the battle. He would attack the left side first, then swing low to his legs. He knew that, since they had sparred so often, his usual attacks would be predictable. Too predictable at that. Squall pulled back Lion Heart and made the first swing towards Seifer's upper left arm.

OH NOES SEIFY: A dodge from that first swing, and a quick hop back would be Seifer's first moves in this fight. Squall was a predictable little bugger himself! He raised Hyperion, bringing it up to parry against Lion Heart with a loud clang, and push it roughly away, the sound of metal sliding against each other. He grinned, stepping forward and bringing Hyperion in an upwards swing, only to swiftly move to the right in a dramatic twirl of his coat, bringing his gunblade back in a sideswipe towards Squall's own left side.

OH NOES SQUALLY: Before Squall could blink, he was blocking Seifer's attack. So he caught on quick and Squall had made the mistake to think this would have been an effective maneuver. Upon blocking, he took a step back to regain his thoughts and composure. Not two seconds later he decided to make a bold move and go for his legs. Most fighters left their legs open when attacking and he would use this to his advatage. After the loud pang of clashing metal fled his ears, he quickly made the attempt to distract Seifer and then go for his legs. As he stepped up, he matched Seifer's gunblade a few more times before ducking and heading lower. At least if this didn't work, it would leve a valuable opening for his next move.

OH NOES SEIFY: As Squall regained his composure, he ran a gloved hand through his hair and shifted in his place to await Squall's next move. Swing, swing, clang, clang, duck, dodge, swing, clang. That was how it went, till Squall ducked and made a move for his legs. Not good, not good! He made a move backwards to miss the swing, and didn't quite step far back enough, it seemed. A rip of fabric could be heard, and it was revealed that Seifer's pants had a nice big hole cut into the leg! Well, that wasn't very nice. He frowned, and instead of addressing the little trickled of blood from the minor cut on his leg, he swung Hyperion down to make a move for Squall's forearms.

OH NOES SQUALLY: Squall cursed himself silently when he noticed that he left his arms open. He should have known this was going to happen! Before any major damage could be inflicted, Squall tried to pull back and away. Luckily enough, most of the damage was done to the butt end of Lion Heart. Jumping backwards, he quickly stood back up. Damn, he probably had pissed off Seifer with that last slice and the impact of that last hit had his hands shaking a bit. As he again tried to weigh out his options, he circled Seifer a few times. He kept his eyes on Seifer's eyes. One twitch and one glance were enough for him to predict the fighter's next attack. It was the same for him. He was equally as predictable. In a bold move he flung Lion Heart over his head and rushed at Seifer.

OH NOES SEIFY: Seifer glared at the younger man, wild green eyes on the brunette with every circle he made, careful to never leave his back turned and was constantly tensed for Squall's attack. His pants were ripped. His nice new pants. He knew he shouldn't have worn them, but he liked to look good, what could he say? On top of that, he was bleeding! What blasphemy! When Squall raised Lion Heart, Seifer was ready with Hyperion, raised in a defensive manner. Should he try and cut Squall back, just to make it even? He thought about doing it, for maybe a trillionth of a second, and instead of continuing that thought, he angled Hyperion a little, even more prepared for a forceful hit.

OH NOES SQUALLY: As he brought down Lion Heart a fast and hard as he could, he noticed the change of pressure and the tilt from Hyperion. Knowing something was up with Seifer, he decided to play it out. After the clash, Squall quickly spun himself and Lion Heart looking to take out one of Seifer's arms. When his gunblade matched with Hyperion again, he jumped backwards and angeled his blade a little so it was aiming for Seifer's neck. He only had a small chance of connecting, but it was worth a shot.

OH NOES SEIFY: Another parry, and and hop to the side, and a block; what was up with Squall? It was like he was actually TRYING to kill him or something. Was he really that mad? Well, whatever the problem was, it wasn't flying with Seifer! As he saw that blade swing towards his throat, he reacted in a flash, bring Hyperion up to quickly block the swing and pushing it to the side. With a graceful sweep of his arm, he swung the blade out, making a swing towards Squall's abdomen, to see what would happen. He'd try a dangerous shot at the other, see if it'd earn him anything.

OH NOES SQUALLY: Squall barely had time to jump back. He could feel the sting as Hyperion cut through his shirt and flesh. Ok, so apparently he was getting a little sloppy with his attacks. Not only sloppy, but desperate. He would explain this to Seifer later when he was a little more focused. He then made a mental note to not fight Seifer after not sleeping the night before. He could feel his legs shake now and it's wasn't helping that Seifer's moves were quicker then his now. Or maybe he was just slowing down. Squall was breathing heavy as he backed up a little after that last hit. 'Where would Seifer attack next?', he thought to himself. He again made eye contact with Seifer before making another hit directly to Hyperion. After his second attempt at a strong hit, Squall's hand was shaking and almost out of ideas. He took this time to prepare himself for the onslaughter of Seifer's attacks. It was only fair being he was the one who was so reckless in the beginning.

OH NOES SEIFY: He'd left a mark on the supposed hero of the world and destroyer of Sorceresses? Looks like Squall needed to lay off the glory for a while! After he and Squall stepped apart, the taller blond panting lightly, and before he had another chance to think, Lion Heart was coming right at Hyperion, which was raised slightly in defense. Squall looked like he was losing it. Shaky hands, and was he a tad desperate-looking? He must really want to win if he was charging at the blond like that, rather than with the skilled and graceful movements Seifer knew he had. However, if Squall was going to be like that, Seifer saw no reason to hold back. He swung left, right, spun around and came down with a downward strike, putting most, if not all, of his upper-body strength into the downward swing.

OH NOES SQUALLY: The force of the hit sent Squall flying backwards. As he skidded to a stop, he looked up at Seifer. Luckily, Lion Heart was still in his hand and he could still defend himself from any lethal attacks. Squall got up slowly and decided that since he was going to lose, he would do it fairly. His strikes were not nearly as desperate, but instead just slightly more direct and less forceful. He moved gracefully and quietly, but nearly as graceful as he could or should have been. He wanted to end this as painlessly as possible. There would be other times for them to spar when he was feeling less edgy and tired. He had not enjoyed this fight as much as he should have and that was a tad bit disappointing, even though he knew it was more his fault then Seifer's. Squall got in a few more hits before he started to feel even more tired. He again cursed himself silently for agreeing to do this on no sleep.

OH NOES SEIFY: Squall seemed to be really ... sucking at this, for lack of better words. He seemed weak and tired, not as alert as Seifer remembered him, and Seifer was growing frustrated. With another swing, some more blocks, and a few more hits, Hyperion finally parried against Lion Heart in a final move. He moved the points of the blades to the ground slowly, the grinding of metal sounding again. He wanted to kick Squall's ass in a fair fight, not in this tired state of his. There was no real challenge, and he even felt like Squall was going easy on him. And that was starting to piss him off. "We're done," he said, eyes narrowed at the other.

OH NOES SQUALLY: Squall understood why the other was angry and decided to just let it go. "Ok.", he said as he pulled away. There was no use pissing off Seifer more in the state that he was in right now. He wouldn't be able to handle it. He sighed deeply and sheathed Lion Heart at his side. He wanted to apologize, but decided it would be better not to. It was already a upsetting that he had lost. Squall stood there for a few seconds, debating on what to say.

OH NOES SEIFY: There really wasn't anything to say. Seifer clipped Hyperion back to his side, glaring down at Squall. "We'll spar again when you don't look like total shit," he told him, and fished out a Cura. The tiny blue marble glowed as he tossed it to Squall; it should have been sufficient to cure the younger one's wound. A Cure would be enough to deal with the nick on his leg, but no amount of magic would fix his pants! Dammit, if only he knew how to sew. With a dramatic sweep of his heavy coat, he made his way out of the training centre, towards the dorms to get a shower and a decent rest.

OH NOES SQUALLY: Squall managed to mumble out a small thanks to the older boy as he too made his way out of the training center. It was the least he could do. Squall decided, since he wasn't in the best shape, to just go straight to his room to shower and sleep. He felt mentally and physically drained from that spar. Hurrying out of the training center, he made his way to the dorms.
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