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What the FF8?!

The roleplay you asked me not to make, but made anyway.

Final Fantasy VIII Crack!RPG
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Welcome one and all to my Final Fantasy roleplay community, inspired by zomgcrackygo. Now, before you shout, "N00B!", please keep in mind, that I'm not just doing this to win other people's approval, I like Final Fantasy for reasons other than its popularity, and my typing is grammatically correct (for the most part). OH, AND THIS IS A PARODY. IT'S MEANT TO BE STUPID. :P

This is a community for Final Fantasy 8, the game with the wankiest fandom, in my opinion. (It was gonna be for all the Final Fantasies, but I chose this one, because I play it the most. ^^; )


Triple spells have been altered by scientists. Unfortunately, one person has stolen the spells and placed them at various draw points all over the world. Now, nearly every para-magic user--especially SeeDs has been exposed to this strange magic.

The Triple spells can not only multiply magic, but the
user into three. The copies of its user may not look or act like him or her. Since the users claimed to have felt no effects, and their copies do not appear right away, then it is difficult to tell whether or not the magic has affected him or her.

No one knows if the magic has affected GFs which are junctioned to the user.

And that's why we have three of each character. :D;

The main points are to play "Find the Thief" (who could be an NPC or a playable character), and focus on interactions between, canon, fanon, and messed-up cracky versions of characters.

Okay, so we've cleared the riff-raff. NOW READ THE RULES. *points down*

1. Post in this community to join. The "how to join" post is here.

2. Please know about the game before you join. Or, at least know who like half of the characters are, because there will spoilers up the wazoo.

3. There are three (3) choices to a character: Canon, Fanon and CRACK.

-Canon is pretty much how the characters are portrayed in the actual game. Meaning, Quistis is still an instructor who does her best to be level-headed, but sometimes experiences difficulty in handling her emotions. For some, canon is boring. That's why fanfiction exists.

-Fanon is a general stereotype of how a character acts in fanfiction. EXAMPLE: Angsty/emo/cutter/Rinoa-hating/Oh-I-can't-wait-for-Seifer-koi-to-save-me-from-the-ebil-rapist-tentacle-Marlboro/uke-man!Squall.

-CRACK is a type of OOC that you create yourself. THIS IS WHERE YOU GET TO HAVE FUN. You want a drug-dealing homicidal schizophrenic Laguna? You choose this.

4. Make your character's journal and/or screename after you have been accepted. I know that a lot of usernames get stolen right before your eyes, and it's a pain to think of another one that doesn't involve numbers. But, what if you're not accepted? That's a total waste of a username, and now you won't know what to do with it.

5. Since this community is brand-new, and I don't know where it's going yet, apply for one (1) character at a time. You are allowed to have up to two (2) characters in the game, but please apply for only one for now. Choose wisely!

6. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN AND DRAMA-FREE. If someone plays your least favorite character, please for the love of God, don't make a post in this comm saying, OMG I H8 SELPHIE LIEK A BITCH0RZZzzzzZZz!!111!1!1!!111!!1101010110onezero90210, 'cause I will so ban you.

7. All RP logs are to be posted to the community. Please PUT THEM BEHIND AN LJ-CUT. Also, it is a good idea to friendslock NC-17 logs. Because some people don't want to read about fanon!Zell and CRACK!Seifer smut.

8. You should also know that I am not your stereotypical elitist mod. But I am still the mod. So obey. *snerk* >)

9. Again, have fun. OR DIE. (Just kidding. XD)

Love, lanolins_turn, Lady and mistress.


Canon!Squall Leonhart: (mun) mythril (character) mynameisntleon
Fanon!Squall Leonhart: OPEN
CRACK!Squall Leonhart: OPEN

Canon!Rinoa Heartilly: (mun) lanolins_turn (character) puppy_angel
Fanon!Rinoa Heartilly: OPEN
CRACK!Rinoa Heartilly: OPEN

Canon!Zell Dincht: OPEN
Fanon!Zell Dincht: (mun) skittles4zell (character) booya__boy
CRACK!Zell Dincht: OPEN

Canon!Selphie Tilmitt: OPEN
Fanon!Selphie Tilmitt: OPEN
CRACK!Selphie Tilmitt: OPEN

Canon!Irvine Kinneas: OPEN
Fanon!Irvine Kinneas: OPEN
CRACK!Irvine Kinneas: OPEN

Canon!Quistis Trepe: OPEN
Fanon!Quistis Trepe: OPEN
CRACK!Quistis Trepe: OPEN

Canon!Seifer Almasy: (mun) honorary (character) hyperionic
Fanon!Seifer Almasy: OPEN
CRACK!Seifer Almasy: (mun) skittles4zell (character) sparkleknight

Canon!Raijin: OPEN
Fanon!Raijin: OPEN

Canon!Fujin: OPEN
Fanon!Fujin: OPEN

Canon!Laguna Loire: OPEN
Fanon!Laguna Loire: OPEN
CRACK!Laguna Loire: (mun) lanolins_turn (character) reallybiggun
Canon!Kiros Seagill: OPEN
Fanon!Kiros Seagill: OPEN
CRACK!Kiros Seagill: OPEN

Canon!Ward: OPEN
Fanon!Ward: OPEN

Canon!Ellone: OPEN
Fanon!Ellone: OPEN

Canon!Cid Kramer: OPEN
Fanon!Cid Kramer: OPEN
CRACK!Cid Kramer: OPEN

Canon!Edea Kramer: OPEN
Fanon!Edea Kramer: OPEN
CRACK!Edea Kramer: OPEN

Canon!Adel: OPEN
Fanon!Adel: OPEN

Canon!General Caraway: OPEN
Fanon!General Caraway: OPEN
CRACK!General Caraway: OPEN

Canon!Watts: OPEN

Canon!Zone: OPEN
Fanon!Zone: OPEN

Fanon!Biggs: OPEN

Canon!Wedge: OPEN
Fanon!Wedge: OPEN